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Our total commitment to the quality of our Didgeridoo's has guided us to select only the best of what we harvest to wear the Wandoo trademark.

The sound quality of each Didgeridoo available here has been assessed and most are hand tuned to the base note that best matches the individual instruments natural resonance.

They are sealed on the outside with a wax based waterproof sealant and treated in the inside with linseed oil.

If you want to hear about the quality of our Didgeridoos or our service, have a look at our feedback page.

Freight and insurance worldwide for each item is AUD$ 89 by TNT Express Worldwide. Delivery is usually within 3 to 6 days.

Pricing is in Australian Dollars, click here for a Currency Converter.

The receiver is responsible for all/any receiving country import taxes, VAT or any other associated duties. If there are any custom duties to be paid, TNT will pay them for you so that your Didgeridoo will be released and enable them to deliver it to your door. These duties are not associated with TNT but with your particular custom laws ! Please contact your customs representative for further information.

Wholesale enquiries for raw or plain Didgeridoos are welcome, please e-mail us.

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