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Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo PB331
Didgeridoo Description :

Eucalyptus celastroides "Mallee" (snap & rattle)

This a one and only unique Wandoo Didge.
Its features are so representative of the uniqueness of the West-Australian Mallee wood: wicked unusual bell, cute wood knobs, stripes and spikes, nice curved body ended by that progressive bell.
The perfect clean bore releases a powerful resonant drone. A pure pleasure to play and enjoy with great volume and accoustics, striking vocals, balanced harmonics and nice overtone toots. It's versatile, playful and great to discover its potential. Definitely a collector's item!!

Hear a sample of this didgeridoo:
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Didgeridoo Key:  D

Overtone toots:  low G & low E

Didgeridoo Length:  144 cm ~ 56.75 "

Didgeridoo Weight:  3.7 kg

Didgeridoo Diameter:
  • Inside Top ~ 3 cm ~ 1.25 "
  • Outside Top ~ 5.4 cm ~ 2 "
  • Inside Base ~ 9 to 17 cm ~ 3.50 to 6.75 "
  • Outside Base ~ 17 to 19 cm ~ 6.75
    to 7.50 "
Didgeridoo Mouthpiece:  Beeswax

Didgeridoo Price:  AUD$ 970  
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Detail of didjeridu pb331. Detail of didjeridu pb331.

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