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Australian Aboriginal didgeridoo PB238

Didgeridoo Description :

Eucalyptus celastroides "Mallee" (snap & rattle).

What a beautie that one is with its natural unsanded natural shape. Unique wood stripes on a strong voluptuous body. Practical weight.
Excellent player releasing a smooth clean drone and clear striking vocals. Strong backpressure too and easy toots. You'll get attached to this one!

Hear a sample of this didgeridoo:
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Didgeridoo Key:  D#

Overtone toots:  high G & E

Didgeridoo Length:  130 cm ~ 51.2 "

Didgeridoo Weight:  2.2 kg

Didgeridoo Diameter:
  • Inside Top ~ 2.8 cm ~ 1.1 "
  • Outside Top ~ 4.5 cm ~ 1.7 "
  • Inside Base ~ 6 cm ~ 2.35 "
  • Outside Base ~ 8 cm ~ 3.1 "
Didgeridoo Mouthpiece:   Beeswax

Didgeridoo Price:  AUD$ 200  SOLD
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Detail of didjeridu pb238. Detail of didjeridu pb238.

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