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E-Mail Wandoo Didgeridoo

My didge arrived yesterday morning. I would have emailed you last night to thank you for the excellent service but I couldn't put it down. This is my first didge, actually it's the first time I have ever picked one up and played. The inspiration to take up playing came from listening to Xavier Rudd. I found some tips on the web on how to play and managed to get a decent sound happening last night. It sounds awesome, so thank you very much.

Peter Baudinette ~ Menai  NSW ~ Australia                                   01/06/06


Just a short note to let you know that my 2nd Didge arrived yesterday (only 4 days from Australia). It's all and more than I expected, perfect tone and tune and so easy to play. Please pass on my best wishes to Kerry for her wonderful artwork. The Wandjina is leading me down a new path of Aboriginal research. Blessings to you all at Wandoo and keep up the good work.

Dr Bryan Scotson-Smith ~ Richmond  North Yorkshire ~ England     24/05/06


Finally the didgeriddo is here... only two days from Australia to Italy, but two weeks from Pescara airport to my home.....This is Italy!!!!!!
Daniele is very happy, the didgeridoo is beautiful and the sound is very good. We hope to hear you again for another didgeridoo, thank you for everything.
Very warms regards, to you and your team.

Giovanna and Daniele Campestrin ~ Pescara ~ Italy                        24/05/06


After a" little extra stay" in customs the didge arrived safe and sound on the 19th May. Well Olivier what can I say! Thank you so, so much!
First of all the didje is beautiful in every way, lovely sound qualities, sharp perfect vocals, loud and growly; pleasure to play. Beautiful visually too. Love that bell! Secondly the two extra little packages. I find everything fascinating about didjeridoos and to receive a section of mallee complete with its "vacated" termite nest was fantastic. The spikey shells are beautiful! I can't begin to tell you how happy I am, Things like this mean so much! Lovely surprise! Thank you so much for everything. Good luck with all the work with the house....
Until next time. Much Love and gratitude.

Paul Hay ~ Kingston Upon Thames  Surrey ~ England                      22/05/06


Hi my friends at Wandoo.
My Didge arrived today, It's fantastic what a sound. Please send me it's big brother PB271 ASAP I must have this Didge. So please confirm by return that PB271 is mine and on it's way to England.

Dr Bryan Scotson-Smith ~ Richmond  North Yorkshire ~ England      15/05/06


Hi Olivier & family What a surprise!! Anne kept that one quiet! Thanks to you all...
What a didge!! This one sings, talks and basks in its resonance, it's a completely different sound from my "B" Honey Ants and I love it! Because of it's "voices" I have named it "Mingga" which is an aboriginal word for "spirit haunted tree" and yeah good spirit! ( I hope). Anne told me you worried in case this fella developed a crack due to it's length during the journey, well it has a "tiny" hairline fracture towards the mouthpiece it's almost a" scratch" so no worries there!! Thanks again Olivier "Oh and that natural hole...Wow! and the ease of play...&... "AAAH!" Gotta go and play him! So until next time ,the biggest of hugs ,smiles and "Good vibes" from us all...
Paul,Anne, Lucy& Holly ("the howler!")

P.S. I have an "Aboriginal stories" book by A. W. Reed . In the book is a quite good aboriginal word list from 8 geographical areas. "Mingga" is from New South Wales. Apologies if you already knew this.

Paul Hay ~ Kingston Upon Thames  Surrey ~ England                    25/04/06


Just a few short lines to give you a bit of feedback on the wonderful Didge I bought from you last week. Thank you very much for your hospitality and openness in explaining and showing me your dige making processes and the great collection you have. I feel very honoured and lucky to own one of your very fine pieces of craftmanship. The didge is fantastic, responsive, easy to play and light in weight. I have hardly been able to put it down all week, and yes Evan did assist and show me how to oil and protect the same before I started. The tone is great and am getting better, the circular breathing is still the challenge, but very, very close now. I definitively do want to get another very special one from you and have a few art works done on it if possible. This will have to be on a long time plan as it has to be special. Will try and visit you again some time with Evan. Thank you once again and regards to Vicki and Yoann.

Norman Rodgers ~ Thornlie ~ Western-Australia                            16/04/06


I received The Didgeridoo in excellent condition! It seems to be easier to play than others I have tried. The Tiger Snakes are beautiful!  Best Regards.

Richard F. Busch ~ Bakersfield  California ~ USA                           07/04/06


Dear All at Wandoo, Just to let you know that the didgeridoo arrived today safe and sound. It is even better than I imagined. The service is fantastic, from Australia to England in 4 days. I can't get things I order in this country so quickly!!
Thanks again for everything your service and contact has been great and very much appreciated. I'm sure my husband is going to love the didgeridoo.Thanks again for everything, I hope we can do business again soon. Regards

Emma Hine ~ Rugeley  Staffordshire ~ UK                                      17/03/06


Bonjour ! Hi ! Hello !
I received my didgeridoo ! ( a few weeks ago already, but I needed to tell you ....
my impressions.... by the way.......) I have a few didgeridoos and since I use to play this instrument, I tried many didgeridoos, made in bambou, charmnote, charmefa, teck, chataigner and eucalyptus wood, and it was the first time, after dicovering your web site ( a bit late), that I decided to get one of your, I mean, a real one, one made in eucalyptus (and now I can say : a wandoo's one !).
So let me congratulate your team for the work wich has been done on it (so many details, the tiger snake looks so real on my didgeridoo!!!). The sound is a perfect D key that exactly I was looking for. Very deep as we use to heard as an eucalyptus's didgeridoo. The wood is in a perfect quality . I am also sure it won't be my latest order ! Thank you so much !! I hope you will continue to create this exeptionnal and unique instrument. I can just advise to everyone, and specially foreigners (like me) who want to order and to get a beautiful didgeridoo : trust wandoo, Merci !!

Guilhem Brussol ~ Paris ~ France                                                 07/02/06


Hi everyone at Wandoo, today afternoon I got my didge and I still can't come to myself again couse I'm pleased so much since then))... I want to thank you for your amicability and positivity, it's fascinating, I appreciated with my fortune for that unusual experience of contacting with such amazing persons like you. I subscribed to an opinion of others, whose feedbacks were posted on your site. I mean it's true pleasure to deal with you and delivery is cosmic fast... About didge, it's that combination of nature base and human revision, which is extremely hard to attain, I mean it feels really harmonious and this integrity is impressing...sounds deeply and velvety)...and it's pleasing weight when you hold it) It's important too, I mean to feel unity in some way between people of the planet, and such episodes may give us that chance... Hope we'll connect again or even see each other one day... Thanks again... Peace and harmony.

Alexandr Sim ~ Moscow ~ Russia                                                 23/01/06


Just wanted to quickly follow up to thank you for the didji. Cheers for the follow up and keeping me informed, super fast delivery, and of course, the beautiful didgeridoo!
Have a good Christmas.

Todd Ryall ~ Bulimba  Queensland ~ Australia                               12/12/05


Dear team. Early in the morning, following the previous evening I received my new friend. A two weeks holyday started, so I was happy for two reasons at the same time, what a luky boy I am (let the word boy don't mislead you since I have already 55 years of living my life) This is also the reason for the late reply on your mail.
The didge is really wonderfull in appearance and in sound. It is a pleasure playing this instrument although I am still a beginner, but a very passionated one! I am very gratefull being allowed to handle this instrument, which I will take care of and play with "holy" respect. Therefore I would like asking you if it is possible that the creator of this instrument would in a ritual way transfer this instument from him to me. It will help me to maintain the required respect and gratitude in playing the didge.
Many thanks for your kindness and efficient handling of the order. I am convinced we will keep in touch, best regards

Freddy Van der Heyden ~ Mere ~ Belgium                                      11/10/05


I recently bought a beautiful Didge entitled "Desert Colours". I have only been playing since February 2005 however, as my enjoyment has grown, I wanted to reward myself by buying a second better quality didge. I have owned this beautiful instrument for the last three weeks and I'm overwhelmed by the sound, the feel and the look.
It is a joy to play every day and I wanted to thank Kerry Dickerson for taking my enjoyment and sense of serenity to an even greater level. Thank you for passing on my compliments to her for her artwork.
I have several family members that are interested in playing the didgeridoo, so I will suggest that they check out your website when they start to consider purchasing their own instrument.  Love light and peace.

Evyn Webster ~ Fremantle ~ Western-Australia                               07/09/05


Dear Vicki, Kerry, Olivier and the Team. The new addition arrived safely today.
Harry is over the moon with the "Travelling Dream". Hoping to meet you all one day. Best wishes

Jeanette Duff ~ Leytonstone  London ~ UK                                      05/08/05


This is Donald Brodsky from Sacred Hollow in the USA. We have ordered raw timber from you in the past. I just wanted to say that they were beautiful pieces of wood and made great instruments. I know we have talked a little on how important it is to us to support those who practice sustainability. What you have done with your business is inspirational and will hopefully set a trend for more sustainability in the harvesting of eucalyptus. Our business practices are based on using renewable raw materials and totally non-toxic finishes. This is a very important facet of our business and lifestyle.
To supply people with concert quality instruments that have minimal impact on the earth from harvesting to a finished instrument is our mission.

I look forward to meeting you in person and will talk with you soon, thanks.

Donald Brodsky ~ Sacred Hollow  Oregon ~ USA                             19/07/05


I receiveid my didgeridoo yesterday, it is a gift for my husband and he's very happy to have this one ! The didgeridoo is very beautiful and it sounds good, my husband must train himself to play better !!!

Robert G�raldine ~ Les Hauts-Geneveys ~ Switzerland                     17/06/05


Dear Vicki and Wandoo team,
I received my didgeriddo safely this afternoon. It's really a very beautifull instrument,
the natural wood piece is magnificent. I tried it and although it the first time I blow in a didgeridoo, in a few minutes I got a strong and very deep vibration which seems to be a very low D, surely the fundamental sound of the instrument. I think I shall enjoy a lot the time I shall spend trying to enrich this already fine sound.
I have been blowing through various tubes since the first time, I was five years old.
It was an old bicycle handle-bar, always whith the same pleasure, I'm sixty two.
Thank you very much indeed. Best regards et mes plus amicales salutations.
Forgive my bad english.

Andre Gernez ~ St. Hilaire les Cambrai  Nord ~ France                     01/06/05


The Didgeridoo arrived safely yesterday. It is a birthday present for my husband Harry and he is very pleased with it. This makes number 3 from you. The didgeridoo arrived quicker from Australia than a letter posted in the UK.
You have an excellent service. Best wishes.

Jeanette E. Duff ~ Leytonstone  London ~ UK                                  18/05/05


The Tiger Snake was here when I got home today, arrived in fine shape and now the journey begins as I explore this unigue instrument. I think the art work is beautiful and I know it will take some time to learn but I have determination. Thank you so much for your getting the Tiger here so quickly. I hope you have a great day. Thanks again.

Otto Morgan ~ Arden  NC ~ USA                                                    12/05/05

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