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Dear all at Wandoo. Received my didge today Friday I could not believe it I ordered it on the monday, you sent it on the Tuesday and I got it on Friday! three days from Australia to England! Well my expectations were high because of the comments I read on your site, and to say I am pleased with my didge is an understatement! I mean the quality of this didge is better than anything I have seen, my didge by Kerry is beautifully designed and crafted with such detail I was blown away! The sound was as good as the craftsmanship too , I had already heard the sound on the mp3 and it was instantly recognisable.. I have got 3 other didges from other didge shops two from England and one from another shop in Australia and I feel that they are not in the same league as my new one. Thanks Wandoo for everything I am so pleased! also please tell Kerry that I will be thinking of her when I play my didge I like to think that I will have a small part of her with me now.... wouldn't hesitate in recommending Wandoo to everyone and I will be using you again... cheers

Simon Roebuck ~ Sheffield  South Yorkshire ~ England                    24/04/05

I just wanted to say thank you for my didgeridoo. The shipment was fast and once I learned how to play it the sound was great. Everyone that has asked about it I told them I got it from Wandoo Didgeridoo. Don't be suprised if you get more orders from Ky. Thank you so much.

David Insley ~ Louisville  Kentucky ~ USA                                        20/04/05

I received my didgeridoo two days ago and can tell you that I am very very satisfied
so far. It is real pleasure to play on it, sound is excellent and it looks beautifull as well ! It is beyond my expectations :). Thank you for your kind service, and wish you all the best!

Ilija Ljubicic ~ Nicosia ~ Cyprus                                                       11/03/05

A great big hello to Kerry, Vicki, Olivier and all the wandoo team. The didge arrived on the 28/2. To say I'm pleased with the didge would be a real understatement.
I absolutely love it. The art work, the way it plays & sounds, it's shape, it's overall presence..."wow".It's a total masterpiece. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful instrument (that goes for the termites as well). This didge has some real spirit in it and will be treated with great respect. I'll be resuming my didge Quest in June, so until then, thank you all once again and we wish you all the best in life's journey. With much love Paul, Anne, Lucy & Holly

Paul & Anne Hay ~ Kingston Upon Thames  Surrey ~ England           01/03/05

Just wanted to tell you that my digereedoo is a real beauty - aesthetically and vibrationally! Beautifully finished too. I love it!! It's also a source of delight and fascination for loui our baby, and has helped him to settle for feeding and sleeping several times. it really is a super piece of work.

Julian Harley ~ Munster ~ Germany                                                  24/02/05

I would like to thank you for your very prompt service in getting us our didgeridoo.
My husband and I are very pleased. Our son was in Australia this summer with the People to People Program and has not stopped talking about the music of the didgeridoo. We are going to give him the didgeridoo as a Christmas gift and can't wait to see the expression on his face when he opens it. Thank you for making the process of buying the didgeridoo a very pleasant one. Best regards.

Debbie Bower ~ North Brunswick  NJ ~ USA                                      23/11/04

Tiger Snakes is arrived today at 20 pm......and I'm happy like a baby during the Christmas day. It's incredible, wonderful....but really I don't found more words to describe it. The sounds it's magic! I want really thanks all of you cause in a world so mad it's beautiful to found persons like you: Professionals, polites friendly and great artists. My english doesn't help me to describe my feeling :-) I'll tell to all Italian friends that are interested to buy a didje to contact you. the Tiger Snakes it's not alone, I have two friends with wandoo didje....I'll send you our photos.
With great friendship Your Italian "Wandoo" friends

Saverio Smeriglio ~ Ancona ~ Italy                                                    20/11/04

The didgeridoo arrived yesterday and we are absolutely delighted with it. I am sure our daughter will also be delighted come Christmas. You always have a degree of doubt when ordering over the internet but your quick response and delivery information was very reassuring. The speed of delivery half way around the world was also fantastic. Thank you.

Hugh Chivers ~ St Peter Port  Guernsey ~ UK                                    14/10/04

Have just received my didg and it sounds great. will sound even better with more practice. I spent a fair bit of time looking at different didgs and web sites and I have to say the art work on Wandoos is the best. Many others look plastic, but yours has a natural finish. The other thing I like is the professional attitude of the company. You advised that you received my order and then advised the date of despatch.
Thanks again.

John Patrick ~ Parkes  NSW ~ Australia                                            10/10/04

The Didge arrived on the 30th September. "Now that's quick!" Olivier you asked me to tell you what I think about the didge so here goes. The back pressure is outstanding and yes this an excellent fast playing didge. Good loud vocals, a treat to play. At first the didge lacked in clarity but over the next few days the didge started playing a lot clearer. Could this be something to do with the linseed oil drying? As for looks it's amazing. I can only describe the didge as looking like "Golden driftwood".
The bell is a natural work of art in itself. So on the whole the didge is fantastic for its price and I'm enjoying getting to know it both musically and visually. We are also very impressed with C.A.L.M. and hope this catches on big time. I'm resuming my "Didge Quest" in January and will be returning to you without a doubt.
Many, many thanks. Paul, Anne, Lucy and Holly

Anne & Paul Hay ~ Kingston Upon Thames  Surrey ~ England             05/10/04

The Travelling Dream arrived today. It is beautiful and sounds so good. I attended a beginner's didgeridoo course in 1994 but not until now do I feel that I will ever be able to play it the way I want to. I will practise regularly and hopefully learn to master at least the essentials. It's like a church bell.  Thank you ever so much!

Sigfrid Rydberg ~ Kristinehamn ~ Sweden                                           03/09/04

Thank you very much for a wonderfull didge ! I'm very happy with it ! Didn't think that it is so "deep feeling" to play it. As a professional saxophonist and philosophy student thank you very much for giving me an oportunity to expirience your culture. Peace

Mateusz Wachowiak ~ Torun  Kuj-Pom ~ Poland                                 27/08/04

I gave my boyfriend the Didgeridoo Bungarra Fight yesterday - When he opened it up
It was the first time I had seen it too and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and sounds divine. My boyfriend is delighted with it (so am i) it feels so wonderful to hold and the artwork is absolutely astounding. I can't thank you and everyone who made it enough - im just so happy that I have had the honour of seeing and hearing one of your beautiful instruments. Many thanks

Tara Molloy ~ Wallingford  Oxfordshire ~ UK                                        23/08/04

Got the didge yesterday! Wow, it's a real winner. I'm very impressed.
It's like this thing was custom made for me. I took right to it and it definitely blows away any didge (home made or Australian) I've seen to date. I couldn't believe it made it here in 3 days-incredible! Yeah, this thing is totally too unique to take either saw or paint brush to. I wouldn't have the heart to do that to something nature has made this beautiful. Again, many thanks for the super service and I'll surely recommend anyone
I encounter "didge hunting" to you guys in a heartbeat. I may even have to have another one myself soon!

Jerry Brendle ~ Asheville  North Carolina ~ USA                                   12/08/04

My Didgeridoo arrived last Thursday and it is such a joy to play that I was able to put it to use during a performance that same night. It's a beautiful instrument and everyone thought it was very cool. I've been playing it every chance I get, discovering what sounds are possible, and spending way too much time getting to know this instrument. Of course, I'm loving every minute. Well, thanks for shipping my didgeridoo at lightning speed and I'll be watching your website for a painted didge that I like. Best regards.

Brian Thummler ~ Meadville  PA ~ USA                                               01/08/04

hi wandoo folk, i love my didgi, we are becoming acquainted and i can consistently get a good sound with it. hope to learn more about you and your didgi's and anything else you do, when i go onto your website in the fullness of time. also looking forward to tackling learning circular breathing. for the moment, didgi and i making sounds together is just wonderful for expanding my lung-capacity and for my breathing - makes me feel so much more connected and grounded - wonderful!  thanks!

Chris Liberman ~ Glasgow ~ Scotland                                                 20/07/04

Just to say how happy my husband was with the Didgeridoo that I have just placed an order for another one. The Didgeridoo arrived yesterday. Harry is very very pleased with it. It has a wonderful sound and beautifully decorated. Hope to visit Australia in the future. Best Wishes

Jeanette Duff ~ Leytonstone  London ~ UK                                          16/07/04

Im just back from taking Kieran's Didgeridoo over to Ireland, its a cracker and so easy to play, a good ambassador for you, i was doing art workshops over there and theyr all wanting a shot and getting good sounds straight off , all the didgies are great mine sounds like a swarm of bees, everyone is realy pleased and it sounds like the irish might bee buzzin your way soon, i passed on your address, gotta sleep eek!
best wishes rona x

Rona McNicol ~ Glasgow ~ Scotland                                                  14/07/04

"Hi Olivier and Family, It is now eight months after discovering my didgeridoo and I wanted to let you know that I still love it! I practise as regularly as possible and am improving everyday. Once again, thanks heaps for all your support! Thanks for that!"

Evette Smeathers ~ Pegs Creek ~ Western Australia                            01/06/04

Big mamma bell and baby didge made the trip intact.
in one word mamma is ....awesome
in two shaking
in three words...bad mamma jamma

One cannot truly tell the sound of a didge until they play it for themselves...
mamma packs a big punch, the echo chamber adds to the wonderful volume that is easily achieved....she is very satisfying to play Thank you Olivier for my newest didge, PB198 big mamma bell. You have exceeding my expectations once again. Impressive instrument, very easy to play, lots of character and depth to the vocals.
I am completely amazed by the quality of sound she produces It is a real pleasure to have an instrument of this quality that also doubles as artwork. I know now that this what i have been looking for, i can feel it when i play her. I am really at a loss to describe completely how great pb198 is. i will get another didge someday, for now i am satisfied, also the lower key is soooo you can feel it vibrating thru the concrete floor.  Many thanks

Steven W. Southern ~ Baton Rouge  Louisiana ~ USA                          26/05/04

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