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Tell us what you think about our web site, our products, our ethics, or anything else that comes to mind. We welcome all of your comments and suggestions.

E-Mail Wandoo Didgeridoo

Just want to let you know that im very pleased about my didgiridoo PB173
"Meeting Place", and the treatment i have recived from your company.
Also the information available on the net is very satisfying..wont be the last time
i buy stuff from your shop...

Kenneth Elemark ~ Vanl�se ~ Denmark                                               14/04/04

I just received my "Travelling Dreams" Didge. It's absolutely amazing! Exceeded all expectations I had of it. Shipment was incredible. Only took 3 days! It sounds great.
I'm still a beginner at it, but I was able to get it's full rich drone out in the first 5 minutes of it and it awesome! I highly recommend all business should be done with Wandoo!
I will be recommending them for sure and all my business will always be done with them! The art work is also amazing on it.
It's going to be as much a display piece as an instrument. Thanks!!

Chris ~ Plainsboro  New Jersey ~ USA                                                31/03/04

Thank you so much for sending the didge we ordered about 4 weeks ago.
Please pass on our thanks to Kerry Dickerson the artist who painted the Bungarra dream story on the didge-it was far more beautiful than we expected. My son Sam is delighted and proud to own such a lovely instrument/piece of aboriginal art!

Sandy Dallimore ~ Hitchin  Hertfordshire ~ UK                                      18/03/04

Honey Ants arrived today. It has totally surpassed all my expectations.
This is truley a magnificent instrument!  After ten years practising didge with plastic water pipe and cheap wooden imitation the real thing has arrived courtesy of the honesty kindness and loving care of Olivier and Vicki at Wandoo Didgeridoo. I never knew the difference would be so noticable! A whole new subltlety of tone and resonance has been added to my playing only after one day with Honey Ants! I can only dream of where the next tune will take me! If like me you have been tinkering with the Didge for a while and really want to know what the instument is capable of, let these amazing people create the perfect instrument for you.
Wandoo Didgeridoo has enriched and elevated my love of the Didge with guidance care and support and i only hope others will discover and partake in its exquisite craftmanship and overall respect of the Aborigional Didgeridoo.

Remember there will always be a helping hand in England for any of you who are over here!  Love Respect and Peace!  Christian, Jakki and Baby Alexander.

Christian Stavri ~ Broadstairs  Kent ~ UK                                             16/03/04

I've received the Bungarra Dream didge. I'm elated and pleased with the intricate wood work and carvings. A spirituality overcame me of long ago when Aboriginals would play the instrument under the night sky while gazing at the stars and out to the universe. Thank you all very much!

Gordon Roman ~ Brooklyn  New York ~ USA                                        10/03/04

I wanted to let you know that I picked up all my timber yesterday. The sticks that you sent to us look great. They have great shapes and look like they will make nice didjes. I look forward to working on them to bring out there magic. thanks again for everything. We will talk to you soon. Peace Steve

Steve Brodsky ~ Sacred Hollow  Oregon ~ USA                                    04/02/04

The Food Chain. I bought a didgeridoo from this funky Aussie African French man known as "spunky doodaa", Olivier to most. My mallee stem has been hand crafted to make a natural wooden mouthpiece. The outside carries some unique artwork engraved by a very warm hearted "Yamatji" woman named Kerry Dickerson. Colourful wood stains are used to bring out the original patterns in the wood and inside, the chamber carries some termite tracks and tunnels for music to be diverted to, before it bellows out of the end. Tuned to an D#, I find that I can play bass undertones with high calls without losing any quality of sound. My love goes out to this family for bringing this tool to my hands!  With lots of love from Rustabus!

Rustabus ~ Fremantle ~ Western Australia                                           27/01/04

i received my didgeridoo jan. 14 and quickly opened it.....silence for several moments... the pictures did not do it justice..this is the best looking didg i have ever seen, words cannot describe its beauty. it truly exceeded my expectations..very bend is in the right has a most natural upswept mouthpiece that works great...great dead wood features..i will treasure it for many years to come.. of couse it plays great also..good drone, great growls, fast or slow.....VERY RESONATE..ready to experiment with its possibilities...thank you mother nature and olivier... let me thank you for a most pleasant experince in selecting my new didg from raw stock and working with me.
i have looked at a lot of websites and have not ever seen something even close to my didg... i will faithfully be your need to shop anywhere else..i believe your commitment to providing traditional didgs is evident...and i know that you really are concerned in customer satisfaction.. it is great to have natural stem that has not been sanded down to a manmade shape..yes they do look good but do not compare to the natural stem. your happy friend steve

Steve Southern ~ Baton Rouge  Louisiana ~ USA                                17/01/04

Got it!  PB189 "Bungarra" arrived this morning, it is beautiful! I am not too sure how I am going to go with learning to play...but I am looking forward to the journey. Even if I am unsuccessful with the playing I will be still be extremely happy to treasure Bungarra as a beautiful instrument and unique art work. Best Regards

Ashlea N. James ~ Nar Nar Goon  Victoria ~ Australia                         15/01/04

Hello all at Wandoo,
I would like to also wish your entire family a very merry christmas, and a safe and happy new year. The didge that I so luckily acquired from you is so unique & is easily my favorite in every way. Thank you for your kind thoughts, and I look forward to speaking with you in the new year. Regards, Matt & Buddy (My Staffie!)

Matthew McKee ~ Sydney  NSW ~ Australia                                      24/12/03

I received my didgeridoo yesterday and I am so happy! I haven't played it yet
as it's a gift, but it is absolutely beautiful!! - Thank You!!!!
I would also like to thank you for your speedy and helpful responses to my numerous emails, and for the prompt delivery during what is likely to be a busy period for you.
I will certainly be recommending your services to anyone wishing to purchase
a didgeridoo. Thank you again!

Hanna Mitchell ~ Croydon  Victoria ~ Australia                                    13/12/03

My didgies arrived aprox 14 days ago the wee one has been easier to start on and i heard the big one being played well for the first time at the weekend, its beauty brought tears to my eyes. I am looking forward to practicing over the holidays, a friend told me to submerge my mouth in the bath and practice a continuous stream of bubbles there, so i guess i might bring in 2004 hogmonay a bit cleaner and mabe a little prune like ! Im realy impressed by your companys attitude and craftmanship and am passing your details on to the many people who are asking," where did you get these?".. all the best to you all, ps its freezing here so im gonna make them both coats! Am i a little obsessed?........yip

Rona Mcnicol ~ Glasgow ~ Scotland                                                  10/12/03

Hello Olivier and my special soul friends on the other side of the world!

I am soooo excited. I feel like I have already bonded to my new "friend".
Your email reflects such wonderful energy. I feel as thought I have met you both and made good friends on the other side of the world.
I am very happy with my Digerido!!! Our souls have bonded.
I am so taken by the energy we have shared that I ordered this other Digeridoo for my good friend Vinnie. His two young children ages 3 and 7 drum on pots and pans while Vinnie and I play our Digeridoos. It brings great joy into our lives. What greater a gift is there, than to bring family together in celebration. Thank you! I am so excited to have this opportunity to give this gift to him, he is a special friend.
Much Love and wishing You and Yours much peace, joy and laughter in your journeys.

John Lunan ~ Francestown  NH ~ USA                                                05/12/03

I received Honey Ants PB183 last week. It is all OK and it is a really wonderfull Didgeridoo. My wife like it very much too. Don't worry I think it will be good in Rome
and I promise you I care it. Thank you and ciao !

Marco Sances ~ Rome ~ Italy                                                            24/11/03

YAHOO....i got it...i got's beautiful!!! Your babies will be joining a very loud group of kids here... can't remember all their names, but they are all very special and i can't tell you how excited to have these two new members. So far my feedback is "excellent, friendly and fast service that will go the extra mile to make sure your customers are happy. A very happy angela. Thank you thank you!

Angela Kukula ~ Woodinville  WA ~ USA                                              22/10/03

"Hi Olivier and Team, Wanted to say thanks for the excellent service you provided when I purchased my didgeridoo recently. The time you spent with me teaching the basics was much appreciated. My didgeridoo is the centrepiece of our lounge and everyone comments on how good it sounds and looks. Thanks again.

Evette Smeathers ~ Pegs Creek ~ Western Australia                            12/10/03

Just wanted to tell you that my didge just arrived today and I'm most pleased.
I'm impressed that you could get it to me so quickly from so far away and in such beautiful condition. It is exquisite in playabiltity and sound quality. Thank you so much, I look forward to doing business with you again in the not too distant future.
I don't understand your concern with the hairline crack, except that perhaps you are a perfectionist, I had to perform an extremely detailed search to determine what you were talking about. As a wood worker I can see it is a miniscule natural flaw (I couldn't fit a vole hair into it), and it has no effect on the physical beauty, or the sound quality
of this didge. Thank you so much! Again, my best also to Vicki, Thank you so much!

Clifford Aguero ~ Leander  Texas ~ USA                                               07/10/03

I recently purchased a didgeridoo from you and I must say the craftmanship far exceeded my expectations. It's a beautiful didge and sounds great, too.
Keep up the good work!

Allen Karsina ~ West Boylston  MA ~ USA                                           20/09/03

I have always wanted a didgeridoo, just this past weekend I got one at a store in Orlando. It's not the real thing but as quick as I can, I plan to get a real one. I had a time foguring it out, but your website sure did help. Now I'm excited because I finally
got the thing to sound like it's supposed to. I Love your site, the background, etc... Looks great!  Someday I hope to come to Australia personally.
Thanks again for hosting such a great site! Sincerely

Rev. Dr. Richard L. Spooner ~ Orlando  Florida ~ USA                            02/09/03

I would personally like to thank you for the excellent customer service that you have provided to me. It is much appreciated!  Just wanted to let you know that I have received the Bare Nature didge... and it is excellent!!!
Thank you once again for the great customer service!  Chat with you both soon.

Matt Mckee ~ Sydney  NSW ~ Australia                                              18/08/03

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