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New Product Launch:
Southern Cross Safaris & Yamatji Bitja Aboriginal
Bush Tours join together.

Geoffrey Stokes.
The Product was launched in Kings Park at the Marri Gazebo, Lotteries Family area on 20th February 2003.

Marri Gazebo, Kings Park. Tourists, school groups, and tertiary students will now be able to plan a unique and authentic experience in the Goldfields with Geoffrey Stokes, an Aboriginal Guide from the Wongutha Tribe of the Eastern Goldfields. Southern Cross Safaris will ensure participants travel to the Goldfields from Perth in comfort with an experienced guide. Enjoy features such as Wave Rock on the way and spend two days and one night 'Out Bush' with Geoffrey in his traditional country. Swags, meals and camping gear will be provided.

For bookings and further information, please contact Glyn Harrington :
Tel: 1800 000 881 or contact Geoff Stokes on 0407 387 602

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