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Backgrounds and soundfiles of two Didge music
teachers playing Wandoo Didgeridoos

Tim hooked on his Double Didge Tim Delany, 20 years old from Perth, Western-Australia, is coming from the bass guitar's background (Perth's funk-hiphop band: Incunnaboola ). His musical world evolved around rhythms, so the Didgeridoo came into his life really easily. Through running countless workshops and lessons the Didgeridoo has never stopped showing Tim new things, which in turn fuelled his passion for playing and teaching the instrument.
He will be travelling through Europe during the summer 2005 and beyond...keep an eye out for him, he's not to be missed! Tim's email

"The Double Didge for me represents harmony, beauty, respect, acknowledging its potential. That's why I play it with all the energy and passion that I have".

Hear a sample of this didgeridoo: Download MP3
(Sound file produced with "Bare Nature" Double Didgeridoo UN6)


Andrea on stage Andrea Ferroni, 27 years old from Turin, Italy started to study the Didjeridoo as a self-taught person. After which he attended courses and workshops held by European artists such as Matthias Mueller, Ansgar Stein and Australian and Aboriginal people as Michael Jackson, Mark Atkins and Alan Dargin. Notwithstanding he takes advantages of those experiences, he develops personal techniques above all. As well as collaborating with the Wetonton Didje Club during the organization of the 4th Didjefest edition in Italy where he presented the Noises & Voices show, he participated in the Airault festival "Le Reve De l'aborigene" in France.
In the last two years Andrea collaborated with important musicians such as Architorti and Tony Esposito or with dancers Daniela Paci, who performs on didjeridoo music live. He started to teach in 2003 founding the first didjeridoo school in Italy. Sometimes he shares stuff learned from his teachers. But his methods are mainly focalized on observing the analogies between the facial and body movements while playing and during the actions of everyday. In this way it is extremely simple recognizing and separating every mussel movement.
He makes and sells his own instruments appreciated from a lot of artists that they use them during their shows.
Check out Andrea's article about the Didgeridoo scene in Italy from the Oct. Nov. Dec. 2004 edition of the Didgeridoo & Co Magazine. Andrea's website

"I think that Wandoo Didgeridoos are quite good instruments with one of the best prices in relation to the quality. I started to play three years ago with one of them so I bought six instruments for my students. In your website there are so many instruments extremely different from each other... and it is good for who knows playability and timber in report to the dimension of the instruments. Moreover they look nice".

Hear a sample of this didgeridoo: Download MP3
(Sound file produced with "Bare Nature" Didgeridoo PB238)

All rights reserved. © 2005  Pictures and soundfiles from Wandoo Didgeridoo,
Tim Delany and Andrea Ferroni.

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