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Congratulations to our friends at Wadumbah.

Wadumbah with the Minister of Indigenous Affairs, the Hon. John Kobelke

(Opening ceremony of the Heritage Trail, Swan river, Perth, Western Australia)

We at Wandoo, would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our friends of Wadumbah for all the professional and positive messages and performances they have done and continue to do.
We would like to ask anyone that can help with sponsoring Wadumbah to get overseas, to contact them at:
Any donations or help would be immensely appreciated.


The following is the message James sent to let us know what they have
been up to lately.

Hi Olivier & Vicki,
Some news for you. The men and I are doing great and still working doing performances around the Perth Metro and in the South. The beginning of the year has been very slow, not much work around and it should pick up in the second half. We have done some great concerts at some country festivals this year. It's always a pleasure to get out of the city limits and into the bush at times. We did the Kellerberrin Festival - Keela Dreaming, the Nannup Festival and the Fairbridge Festival. This was our second time at Kellerberrin and we have been visiting Fairbridge for years. The Nannup Festival was our first time there, and we had a great time performing and then chilling out and watching the other acts and performances. The people at Nannup embraced us and enjoyed our concerts and I want to go back to that festival again next year.

We missed out on two great opportunities this year to do a string of concerts in Mexico and on the north west coast of Italy. Could not get airfares; the same old story.
These countries provide everything for us if we can get there. However, when one door closes another one opens. We have been invited to a festival in the south east coast of Italy, on the heel of the boot of Italy and this may happen if our bid for airfares materialize. This festival happens in early September so we are hopeful that we can make it to this one.

I was recognized officially this year by the NAIDOC committee and my peers and awarded the ARTIST OF THE YEAR (WA) award. This happened at the official opening of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander week in July. It's great when your people can see that what your doing is positive and progressive and gives us all a good image.

Well Vicki and Olivier all our best and I'm still working on that interview with Uncle Peter. As soon as I finish it I'll get it across to you. Take care and keep in touch!

Fondest regards,
Yarabah Yarabah
James T Webb

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