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Didgeridoo Festivals in France at Airvault

AIRVAULT didgeridoo festival - celebrating  Aboriginal culture. AIRVAULT didgeridoo festival - celebrating  Aboriginal culture.

Our comments on our trip to Airvault in 2002:
The little town of Airvault, west of France near the city of Poitiers, has been the centre of Didgeridoomania for a memorable sunny week-end.
Situated in an idealistic venue, including superb facilities for bands and audiences among majestic centenary cedars, this premiere festival of musics from the world attracted a big audience devoted to music, respect and harmony.
Wandoo Didgeridoo team menbers Vicki and Olivier Roy as well as Pierre Bacon and the team from Didjfest Italia were there to realise how important and passionate the Didge scene is becoming in Europe.We expected to find people hungry to learn, we found instead devoted experienced Didge players.
We spent most of our time chatting and laughing with master Didge player Mark Atkins of Yamitji origin like Kerry Dickersons family. We met as well Stephen Kent from the USA and Jowandi from Western Australia.
It was a special feeling to talk about encounters of cultures and the fusion of differents musics in such a peaceful and enlightning atmosphere !

We are looking forward to the next summer festival !
Airvault website

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