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Didgeridoo Care

A Didgeridoo is basically a piece a wood that evolved into a unique musical instrument and meditation tool. This evolution gives a strong spiritual aura to your instrument and in order to enjoy and discover your Didgeridoo, you should follow some basic care rules.


As a wood object a Didgeridoo is sensitive to thermic and hydrometric shock, so avoid any extreme environment like prolonged full sun exposure, hot car, prolonged exposure to very dry or wet environment, central heating or air-conditioning.

To protect and nourish the wood, we applied a wax based protective finish on the outside of the Didgeridoo and a linseed oil coating in the inside.

It is a good idea to apply more linseed oil to the inside every year. To do so you will need two plastic containers  (ice cream containers are good), a cup of linseed oil and a funnel. Place the Didgeridoo in one of the containers with the mouth piece facing up, pour the oil in it and  repeat the operation three or four times.  Let all the oil drain out for a few hours and your Didge will be a happy Didge.

DIDGERIDOO CARE CAUTION: Linseed oil prevents bees wax from adhering to the wood, so keep the mouth piece area free from oil.

The outside finish is waterproof and doesn't need any special care.


The mouthpiece is really important for the full enjoyment of your Didgeridoo. Didgeridoo ~ Wooden mouth piece

There are basically three types of mouthpieces: mouthpieces carved directly in the wood when the hole is suitable, wooden mouthpieces inserted, and bees wax mouthpieces. The first two can be adjusted using simple woodworking techniques.


Few Didgeridoos have a suitable existing wooden mouth piece to play.

When the hole is too big, you need to shape a new mouth piece with natural bees wax available on the market:

Soften the wax in direct sunlight or under a lamp.

Take out a plum sized lump and roll it between the palms of your hands forming it into a doughnut the length of the diameter of your didge.

Gently press the soft doughnut onto the tube making sure it seals on both the inside and the outside of it. Form a smooth round cap and shape it to the form suitable for your lips, which is usually oval. Finding the right size of this oval (by increasing or decreasing it) is essential to produce the right sound and discover the potential of your Didge.

You can further enhance the look and the strength of your mouthpiece by dipping it in melted wax using the double boiler method.


WANDOO Didgeridoos are tuned, when possible, to the base note that best matches the individual instruments natural resonance.

Wandoo is happy to offer you some professional advice on how to tune your Didgeridoo but let's start with a word of caution:  any wood removed from your Didge is gone forever so don’t rush and think before acting.

Don't try to tune a Didgeridoo freshly cut as the sound will change with the seasoning of the timber.

Shape the no playing end of your Didge first.

Make sure the inside of your Didge is clean and free from any obstruction. (looking in your Didge toward the sun can help to detect some obstructions)

Make sure your Didge doesn't leak air, (check for cracks or holes by filling your Didge with water with one end plugged.)

With the help of a chromatic tuner check the base note of your Didgeridoo.

By carefully cutting  slices out of your Didge you will move the base note up.

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