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Australian Aboriginal Artists

Art is a common heritage of all beings and allows communication between the succession of all human generations.

In the past years Wandoo Didgeridoo have been busy developing
a network of local Australian urban Aboriginal artists centred around
Kerry Dickerson's family known as the "Yandi" clan.

Much of the painting done by Aboriginal people in urban areas of Australia has been described as contemporary, and this is probably the most accurate term. However, much of the art, which has been described as contemporary, has elements of the Australian Aboriginal Dreaming and relates to the artist and to their indigenous culture in a symbolic and spiritual way just as traditional Australian Aboriginal art does. In urban areas, a major difference is that the story or symbols depicted and their particular designs are not always handed down by the ancestors. Contemporary Australian Aboriginal artists have often, though not always, been separated from their traditional indigenous culture, and their painting or other forms of art have enabled them to express their history, culture and spirituality in diverse but uniquely Aboriginal ways.

"Australian Aboriginal art and culture center Pwerte Martne Martne Aboriginal Corporation"

Kerry Dickerson ~ Aboriginal Artist KERRY DICKERSON
Born in Yamitji country near Mount Magnet in the Western Australian outback.
She spent her childhood with her parents around various stations between Geraldton and Broome.
At the death of her mother when Kerry was 14, she took on the maternal responsibility for her two youngest brothers, Danny and Paul. She now lives in Fremantle, where she shares the life of many displaced Aboriginals connected to the lost generations. Art has always guided Kerry through her life and she drew her first story in the margin of her schoolbooks.
Her favourite medium is wood, she uses burning hot metal rods to create designs in the wood and enhances these with a delicate combination of light carving and staining. The result of this painstaking labour is stunning. The stories depicted through her art come from the collective memories of the Aboriginal people and her own experience in the bush. Kerry, in respect of her spiritual life, doesn't feel she is ready to translate her oral tradition into a medium such as the cyber world. In respect for the cultural sensitivity of the artist, we have given you a short background on these stories which can be read on the individual pages for each Didgeridoo.

Julie Dickerson ~ Aboriginal Artist JULIE DICKERSON
Kerry's oldest daughter was born near Port-Hedland in the Tjulkaboora community. Kerry always kept Julie with her. The little person Julie Dawn is well remembered by the Aboriginal community in the North West where she grew up because most of the children, unlike Julie, were taken away. Julie spent most of her childhood on the beach watching her people fishing and hunting. Her main stories, Turtle Hunter and Full Moon Fishing, take roots in those childhood memories.

Mitchell Waigana ~ Aboriginal Artist MITCHELL WAIGANA
Mitchell's family comes from the Saibai Islands, in the Torres Strait, 155 kilometers north of mainland Australia and 3.5 kilometres from mainland Papua New Guinea. The ethnic group
of Saibai Island is Ait Koedal, (Crocodile Clan) of approximately 400 people. They speak their own language, Torres Strait Creole, English and have their own culture and flag, which are the colours of green (land), black (people) and white (headdress).
Mitchell accomplished work reflects his shy and modest nature. His attachment to his Torres Strait origins are strong and are shared by most Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders people.

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