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Australian Aboriginal Intricate Design Didgeridoo ~ Bungarra Dream

Didgeridoo Story:

Bungarra is the Aboriginal name for Vatranus gouldii or sand monitor, the most commun species of the goanna family. It takes some skills for the barefoot Aboriginal hunter to outrun the Bungarra in the spinefex...
This story has been passed on to Kerry by the elder Maxine Fumigalli. This story is about the Turtle and the Goanna. The Turtle is to remind us to keep working, never give up and not to listen to the Goanna who is impulsive and never thinks clearly.
In this case, they walk away from each other, as the Bungarra is planning to raid the turtle nest for eggs on the beach which is not his territory.

Didgeridoo Price:  AUD$ 280

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We cannot give the characteristics of these instruments as they are made to order, (it can take one to two weeks, depending on availability).
We select the instrument for you which will be smooth to play and will have an attractive sound.
If you want specific characteristics, like size and key, let us know, but prices will vary according to the specifications asked for.

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